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The deep-rooted imbalances proliferating throughout society may well cast doubt on Jean Piaget’s assertion that “the most profound tendency of all human activity is progression toward equilibrium.

Yet, in our pursuit of happiness and fulfilment that defines us as human beings, shouldn’t balance be our greatest aspiration? Then why does it forever elude some people? Or worse still, why do they create the circumstances leading to imbalance for themselves and those around them? On the other hand, how is it that others seem to exude, embody and attract balance? Doesn’t it boil down to our perception of the things that happen to us and of reality in general? And what is reality anyway?

The Equilibrist is the story of an inspiring encounter, perhaps by chance, between two men whose paths seemed unlikely to cross. The sudden onset of personal problems has left the younger man shattered. The other, a very wise old man, holding the keys to the younger man’s unconscious quest, suggests a genuine code of behaviour: the Way of the Equilibrist! Their intense exchanges result in a profound friendship and an incredible inner transformation. How you look at events and behave make all the difference…

Adopt the Way of the Equilibrist now. Do it for yourself and the people around you. Learn to be happy in life by turning imbalance into balance!

The Equilibrist is an inspiring Code of conduct for organisations and anyone looking to deliver sustainable performance & balance in a fast and ever changing world.