Your business teams are experts in their own fields, however they are not expert negotiators. 

Skilled negotiators on 9.37 out of 10 occasions out-manoeuvre the other party and get the best deal.

When iNegotiate's experts are at your side, you are guaranteed the best settlement every time. This is due to our highly successful experience and understanding of the real-world negotiation challenges you face.

With thousands of hours of practice and multi-million deals agreed in the process, we work on a project basis and have developed an international reputation as profit-accelerators.

Just as a competent trial lawyer would never go before a judge and jury to try arguments out for the first time, competent executives can benefit from practice, negotiation coaching and expert feedback on their arguments before they present them to counterparts in a significant negotiation.

If you want to rescue a deal which is floundering, start a new negotiation on the right track, manage a negotiation which has reached deadlock, pass on a major price increase successfully, harmonise your trade terms across several countries or resolve a conflictual situation, iNegotiate is here to help.

As part of your team or as the full team for your commercial negotiations, we either negotiate on your behalf or guide you and support you in all phases of your negotiations by staying with you all the way. Our expert negotiation coaching gives you the necessary feedback to understand how you and your negotiation style are perceived and can affect the outcome of your negotiations.

We share in the risk. Our fee structure will be linked to the successful outcome of your negotiations.

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