Give us just 3.5 days and we will turn your teams into world-class negotiators. 

The Master Negotiator Workshop is simply the most advanced negotiation skills development workshop available anywhere in the world. It approaches the mindset, skills, techniques, strategies, behaviours and philosophy of negotiation in such a way, that each delegate will not only understand the process clearly, but also have the opportunity to use it, spending as much as 87% of their time actively negotiating.



The programme follows 3 distinct stages, which are sequentially linked and must therefore be completed step by step:

1- Initial 3.5 day residential workshop

2- 61mn per delegate (x 8) of negotiation coaching one-on-one

3- 1 day follow-up workshop

In a powerful 3.5-day journey deep inside the heart and mind of the Master Negotiator, 8 participants will learn to use the i-negotiate multifaceted framework and to prepare, conduct, and review negotiations. They will then integrate this framework into different negotiation strategies for understanding and planning different phases of their negotiation, testing their assumptions and personal negotiation style, and experimenting with alternative possibilities.

The complexity of negotiations increases over the 3.5 day, providing the right skills for the right people, not only in Procurement, Sales and Marketing, but also in all other functions that together make it happen in the market place (e.g. HR, Legal, Production, Logistics, R&D, Finance & Accounts, IT, etc…).

With a 1:8 ratio, the development experience allows participants to get the most out of their individual and team negotiations and feedback sessions. However, the learning benefits are wider than negotiation skills. The powerful combination of assessment tools, individual and group negotiations and simulation-based exercises with peer feedback provide valuable insights into individual leadership skills and personal impact in the workplace.

The Master Negotiator is a challenging, learner-driven workshop, which teaches advanced negotiators how to master the negotiation process. Delegates will learn to:

  • Develop analytical tools and frameworks to generate innovative and profitable solutions
  • Use the key skills and processes necessary for successful negotiations
  • Avoid common mistakes made by negotiators
  • Understand their own psychological biases while making decisions under pressure
  • Create value and execute deals that others might overlook
  • Analyse negotiations at a more sophisticated level
  • Apply strategic planning and preparation tools to their specific negotiation challenges
  • Negotiate with a customer / supplier they cannot afford to lose
  • Identify, develop and deploy the interpersonal skills crucial to negotiating proactively
  • Work to develop a style of negotiation that is appropriate in any negotiation context
  • Work with people whose backgrounds, expectations, and values differ from their own
  • Build a Personal Development Plan

Participants very frequently describe the experience as having changed them for life. They emphasise the benefits gained from analysis, training, and the study of seized and missed opportunities.

Unequivocally all delegates experience a breakthrough during the workshop, permanently adopting a totally new result-oriented and negotiation-driven mindset.

The Master Negotiator Workshop helps your organisation achieve higher-return agreements and guarantees the best return on your training investment this year.





Workshop enquiry

Stage 1   


  3.5 day residential workshop

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Approximately 36 hours of learning and negotiation practice, usually from a Tuesday evening (16:40) through to a Friday evening (18:20) to give delegates the chance to stop on the Friday, reflect on their experience over the weekend, absorb and digest learnings before going back to their workplace and applying their newly learnt skills the following Monday. The Master Negotiator workshop will explain the series of simulations, case studies and role plays through which participants will be able to test out their negotiation & leadership skills and analyse the outcomes. The programme concludes with a final review, an extensive feedback session and an individual action plan to prepare implementation of the learning in your organisation.

Real-life negotiations (transfer of learning into the workplace) 

From the moment participants leave the workshop, the focus will immediately be on the successful integration and implementation of the negotiating process, methodology, strategies, tactics and behaviours in the workplace to improve personal and organisational performance and business results.

Stage 2   


  61 minute one-on-one
 negotiation coaching

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This 61 min one-one-one session is conducted within 4 to 6 weeks of Stage 1.

The main emphasis of the coaching session is to transfer the learning experiences of the workshop into real-life. This is done by examining an individual's specific issues and using the models to enable them to plan and prepare for their personal needs.

Real-life negotiations 

This system provides each delegate with an opportunity to share "war stories" and think through forthcoming negotiation scenarios and strategies. A further element of the coaching often involves specific project activity such as writing up a case of negotiation best practice to be shared internally within your organisation.

Stage 3   


  1 day follow-up workshop

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1 day (8:20-18:20) within 12 to 16 weeks of the initial workshop taking place, to ensure that delegates are at their negotiating best and to maximise their performance. By the end of this workshop, they will have selected one of their major ongoing / forthcoming professional negotiations. As part of a team, they will then have determined an overall negotiation approach and prepared a negotiation plan and agenda. The objective is for participants to plan and prepare for this negotiation, using the appropriate process, tools and techniques and taking on different roles. They will then be asked to be fully ready to present their plans to Management at the end of the workshop.

Your Return   
On Investment    


  We get the results our
 clients want

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We make and save our clients very substantial amounts (frequently quantifiable in millions) through our tailor-made negotiation capability development programmes. From experience, we know that each in-company workshop fee is covered within 5 days by just one delegate applying what he/she has learnt. Nevertheless we guarantee that delegates will negotiate deals that return additional profit 16 times the cost of the workshop within 16 weeks. If they don’t, they pay nothing! No win, no fee!