A range of role-plays, negotiation cases, exercises, extensive video recordings, complete personal coaching and feedback will help participants learn a theoretical and practical framework for understanding negotiation practice.

In particular, delegates will experience different negotiator styles and personalities, understanding the tension between creating and distributing value, and the communication (both verbal and nonverbal), psychological, and cultural barriers to successful negotiation.




Participants will also learn to define and recognise what constitutes an appropriate outcome in a negotiation. Is the objective to win, to beat the other party, to protect reputation, to avoid losing? 

Competitive, collaborative, accommodating, avoiding or compromising approaches will be experienced by participants, who will gain an understanding of the strengths and weaknesses of various negotiation tactics.



    Limited to 10 participants
   who will learn a
  comprehensive process for
 planning and execution

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Targeted at Negotiators with 0-5 years experience, the Expert Negotiator workshop will empower delegates to tailor their negotiation behaviours to different negotiation environments and scenarios. 

Participants will leave with a clear understanding of how to:

  • adopt the appropriate mindset and behaviours (selling / negotiating)
  • identify, use, and recognise your own and others' non-verbal communication in a negotiation 
  • optimise your negotiating style and identify your strengths and development areas
  • develop the appropriate negotiation strategy
  • deal with complex negotiations
  • negotiate individually and as part of a team
  • lead and coach negotiation teams with power and integrity
  • use silence


  • build the appropriate climate
  • position your proposals and open effectively
  • trade concessions to your advantage
  • use the appropriate negotiation language and phraseology
  • understand and overcome conflictual situations
  • prepare effectively using a step-by-step plan
  • understand the balance of power and how to influence it
  • create value
  • question and listen effectively
  • establish the negotiation parameters
  • understand the meaning of win-win and develop win-win outcomes
  • negotiate with all types of negotiators
  • recognise negotiation tactics and adopt the appropriate strategy and counter-tactics accordingly
  • negotiate with confidence (not over-confidence) and professionalism
  • develop effective strategies for the "unplanned negotiations" you are faced with