The more you sweat in training, the less you bleed in battle...

The Competent Negotiator workshop provides negotiators who are relatively new to the art of negotiation, with the foundation skills and toolkit to overcome negotiation hurdles in any negotiating context. As a result, our clients find that their organisations have much stronger, more concrete approaches to negotiation, which deliver higher value and more profitable outcomes.

Participants will leave this workshop equipped with a strategic and step-by-step framework, practical tools, tips and techniques that can be used in any negotiation. This will build their ability to achieve profitable deals along with enhancing their self-confidence as a Negotiator.






   A 1.5 day workshop limited
  to 12 participants

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The Competent Negotiator workshop acts as both an introduction for junior negotiators, and as a refresher for experienced negotiators. The essential foundations of negotiation skills will be explained and practised to ensure participants leave the course understanding the fundamentals of negotiation.

Emerge stronger, consciously competent

In a group limited to 12, participants will learn how to:

  • get their share of the pie every time
  • create value when price seems to be the sole focus of attention
  • reach agreement when it is profitable to do so
  • quickly recognise when agreement is not a viable options
  • manage conflictual situations and deal with fairness
  • build trust and develop profitable and superior relationships